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The words of Francis of Assisi,”
Start by doing what’s necessary,
then do what’s possible and,
suddenly you are doing the impossible”.

Amazing words of inspiration and this is what this site is about. So slowly as I create a site of benevolence may you find amongst all the world’s negativity inspiration to achieve your goal and that which you see impossible, I say, it’s possible.

“All the breaks you need in life wait within your imagination…. Imagination is the workshop of your soul, capable of turning soul energy into accomplishment and wealth.” Napoleon Hill author of Think and Grow Rich.

To become wealthy you have to become successful and to become successful, you first must start.
―Warren Edser

“The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.”
― Terry Pratchett

‘We are never fully satisfied with our work.

We always feel that we can do better and that our best piece is yet to be written’. I also believe that there is at least one quote that gets you and is fitting to how you feel at any moment in life.

“Don’t hide behind your words, write them down no matter how bad they are.”
―Warren Edser

“Start writing about everything bad about yourself, then you see the good that you can write.”
―Warren Edser

Have you ever thought about writing about your life experiences and those Special times- now you can!

“Everybody walks past a thousand story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. Most people don’t see any”.
― Orson Scott

My Professional Credentials

My name is Warren Edser

Business Location: Gympie, Queensland, Australia

Certified App Developer and Advertiser
Ceo and Founder of Gympieonmobile and Wiswhatsinstore. 35 years in advertising and 15 years as an app maker.
Professional and Certified app maker, Operations and planning, development, and planning to create and build advertising apps.
Highly motivated and Creative abilities to look down the barrel of the creations for a Business or a Personal app.

Highlights of Expertise

I have been in advertising since I was 19 years old from selling, advertising for Television, Real Estate, Fashion, Couriers: I started a business from half a tank of petrol, 20 cents, for a phone call to making a business from naught to around $3,000 a week.

Professional skills in the creation of organizing run books for economic and fuel-efficient for the delivery of goods.

Operational management for designing and implementing the creation of apps.

Designing advertising slogans that sell for marketers, businesses, and personal. Specialize in graphics and video marketing. ( Project pages are being updated at present.)

I wanted to make a unique impact on communicating myself and having my business identified to the world that would be able to be seen Locally, Nationally, and Internationally in minutes and this I have done.

I have unique skills and a unique mind and when I put my mind to the project, I can work wonders.

My app business has made it possible to do all this and achieve a new generation of advertising and with the many features of my app, the old way of advertising is out the window.

Welcome to the new way for advertising- No more waiting for tomorrow to have your advertisement seen just Locally, now you can have seen Nationally, Internationally -***Worldwide*** in that day.



Some have eyes to hear and others have ears that see in another word, the Intelligence of the Beings is that they choose to see what they want to see and listen to what they see even if it is in their knowledge, corrupt or doesn’t make reasonable sense, they know but they continue to be brainwashed by a falsity of knowledge. So why would one continue to know/hear and use their intellect to see/eyes?

One day a villager came to see the wise man to ask him a question. He started off with a reasonable conclusion to his problem and then he relayed it to the wise man. Seeing how the villager had already made the conclusion, the wise man asked, ‘why do you want the answer when you already have seen your problem and heard it with your ears how to solve it? Why do you seek the answers from me?

The villager said, ‘Because you are wise and know many answers to life and this is what I seek of you.

The wise man saw that the villager was wearing glasses. The wise man asked him to take them off and give them to him. The village did and in a surprise turn around the wise man sat them on the ground. Very curious as to what the wise man was doing, the villager asked him the question of why he laid his glasses on the ground.

The wise man got up and took his can to the stream and got water and came back and sat down. He did nothing but place it on the ground. He then got up and got some wood and still, he did nothing and placed them on the ground next to the can of water he scooped up from the stream. He then got up and went into his abode and came out with a bag that held something and still he did nothing and placed them on the ground.

The wise man got up and walked away. Being confused about his actions, the villager went after him. As he approached the wise man he began to ask the wise man, ‘ can I pick up my glasses now’? The wise man said, keep walking and so the villager kept walking and walking and walking. Being far from where they were sitting, the wise man and the villager came to the edge of the cliff and both sat down. For a while, they sat there in silence looking over into the land. The wise man turned to the villager and asked him what can he see? The villager then described what he was looking at. The wise man then asked him to describe in detail what he is looking at. The villager described everything right down to a small animal. They sat there for a few more minutes and started back neither saying a word.

Now they both sat down and the wise man placed the wood in the space and lit the fire and then he added the can with the water on top and when it finished boiling out of the bag he added special tea leaves for his brew.

Sunset was falling and the villager started to get up and go back to his village. He thank the wise man for his time and started to move on when the wise man called him out, ‘don’t you want your glasses?’, the villager replied,  with open eyes, ‘ Now I See’.








You can reduce the reflection and the glare, lack of knowledge when you improve the contrast of your perception, opening your eyes, where you see the true colors that you are as intelligent and knowledgeable as me. Hereby the eyes you see, intelligence and faith-
That to see with the eyes is to understand the knowledge you have within.

Namaste to All Beings: to be continued in progress.


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One day one of the villagers travelled outside to see the wise man to see if he could assist in any way, on arriving he found the wise man had a place up, much food, shade, and just sitting there quietly.
The villager asks if he may ask a thing or two. The wise-man turned to him and said, ‘you are seeking to know, what is life! the villager was caught off guard and sat with the wise man.

The wise man went into his hut and came back with 6 shellfish which were now empty and he placed them on the ground and told a story:
You see before you empty shells where once they contained a life. One day a small octopus was swimming when all of a sudden a large wave tossed him to and fro and over and over and over again.

As he awoke, he felt that the floor of the sea was very soft and noticed the heat of the sun. He had just been picked up by a person. Fearing for his life, he squirted his defensive weapon and the person threw him into the sea again but this time, the sea was more unwanting and took him where a cliff was and slammed him many times against the rocks. This time the octopus knew he was gone as his body was split and much of his body was unprotected. Swimming the best he could, he managed to find sanctuary in between rocks where he found some old shellfish shells left empty. He slowly moved his body and moved into one of these shells and so discarded his old flesh body for a shell.

There was something different about this one but he used it and so his old memory of the past became integrated into his new life in this new shell. So much harder than he was able to go to places where once he would be afraid to be attacked. So he lived in this shell and though remembered his old life of memories, he gain a new life with new memories. So now he had two memories to live. One day a shaking of the waters where a huge tsunami brought with it metal and rubbish and other creatures from the sea that were also trying to save themselves. Being caught in between and nowhere to go, he was picked up and this time, the ferocity of the waves and rubbish tore his shell and threw him against the cliffs where he laid open to the seagulls for food. Moving with what strength he had, he rolled off the shelf of the cliff and fell many meters down to the bottom were hitting the rocks, he was totally pushed out exposed.

Moving again into a larger shell as he had grown, he found protection whilst his body healed. So once again he found the shell brought memories of it’s last inhabitant and so, he now carries 3 memories.

He lived his life in this new shell until he started to push out. Feeling strong to go out on his own with his original body he went out swimming and now dove down into the depths where he met another dangerous enemy to his new life- a shark.
Swimming with all his might the shark caught up to him and tore some of his tentacles off and flung him but he managed to swim into the darkness where the shark couldn’t find him. Shaken to his core, he lived alone in the dark till his final days came.
A huge trawler with a net caught him up and brought him onto the trawler’s deck. The people seeing him took him and started to carve him up but the octopus with all his strength flung himself over the side and sank below. A wave caught him and took him back to the cliffs where he caught hold of a shell that would hold what was left of him and crept into where he lived out his life. Now he had 4 memories, but yet he didn’t die as there were memories from inside the shell. Memories of others doing the same.

We never die. We take with us and in many forms the memories of the past and so when we have thought of something that is not of that time, remember, it is a past memory. Don’t analyze it, see it as it is and you won’t lose sleep over trying to accommodate what is life when it will be your time to move onto a new shell and have a new memory.



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It was a day like any other day until a rumbling was heard by the villagers. Looking up they could see where the wise man was living in the mountain cave that had collapsed. Gathering up their tools they started to go and see if the wise man needed help, well, a surprise was in store.

The wise man gathered up his little sack and came down from the mountain where he met the villagers on their way to him. ‘Are you alright’ said one of the villagers? ‘Yes, said the wise man – the earth decided to evict me but it’s good thing as winter is about to approach and those winds do blow right through into the cave and being down here will give me a time to start anew.

Can we help you? No thank you, it will be fine, said the wise man.

The villagers knew that the wise man was capable of some amazing things and left him to his project of building a new place to live.

The wise man saw a tree and went to the tree to ask if it would be alright to have some of your branches and leaves. With appreciation of asking, the tree spouted an unusual amount of strong branches and leaves.

The wise man set to work to start to build his abode. He made it that not one drop of water would come in but made it so the wind would blow around the secondary boundary of the house to cool outside and there made it like an air conditioner. He made a bed suitable for him to sit upon rather than the rocks and his old rug which he sat on.

Seeing this completed he went outside and thanked the tree and lent against it. Feeling thirsty he drank from the cool stream water whereas he lent over saw many fish. Taking a few of his branches he dug a hole and made room for a fire and branches to smoke the fish.

Making a rod from the branches and vines for a line, he lent and asked the fish, would one of you sacrifice yourself for a meal and any further after that. He thanked them and gave thanks for the water also. No fish came.  There were many coming but not one could hold onto the line. So he thought about a way to catch the fish. Going into the field he found a can of tuna unopened. So he opened from both ends and took out the tuna but left some in the can. Tying it on the end of the vines, he placed it in the water. The fish went through the can and pushed out the left-overs of the tuna but got stuck but in doing so, their sacrifice gave other fish food and so the wise man got a fish to eat and also gave back as an appreciation for the sacrifice. So the fish came to him whenever he asked.

When there is a problem you already have the solution so don’t keep looking for it, anyway, I’m still working on how to make a decent living with a tip jar…the solution will come.



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Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment ( bodhi) while meditating underneath a Ficus religiosa . According to Buddhist texts,  the Buddha meditated without moving from his seat for seven weeks (49 days) under this tree. A shrine called Animisalocana cetiya, was later erected on the spot where he sat.

Any one Being can obtain illumination (bodhi)- any one Being can be wise. These are not attainment through meditation and sacrifice and all earthly practices and beliefs, but of One accepting One’s Being of nothing more ‘I AM’.

Many who do the tarot reading are not reading but interpreting the card and fortune telling- the eyes see but do not see.

To walk away from the gate if it is locked for no reason other than going to the gate to see if it is locked is meditation. The reason why you have the gate locked is not the point (physical interpretation) but the why you went to the gate in the first place: for the why is that you may have some problem that is looking for a solution but is blocked/locked in too much of searching for the solution in just trying you may fail and there is the solution of why it is blocked and so going to see the gate that is locked, this is the answer to the problem searching for the solution.



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