It was a day like any other day until a rumbling was heard by the villagers. Looking up they could see where the wise man was living in the mountain cave that had collapsed. Gathering up their tools they started to go and see if the wise man needed help, well, a surprise was in store.

The wise man gathered up his little sack and came down from the mountain where he met the villagers on their way to him. ‘Are you alright’ said one of the villagers? ‘Yes, said the wise man – the earth decided to evict me but it’s good thing as winter is about to approach and those winds do blow right through into the cave and being down here will give me a time to start anew.

Can we help you? No thank you, it will be fine, said the wise man.

The villagers knew that the wise man was capable of some amazing things and left him to his project of building a new place to live.

The wise man saw a tree and went to the tree to ask if it would be alright to have some of your branches and leaves. With appreciation of asking, the tree spouted an unusual amount of strong branches and leaves.

The wise man set to work to start to build his abode. He made it that not one drop of water would come in but made it so the wind would blow around the secondary boundary of the house to cool outside and there made it like an air conditioner. He made a bed suitable for him to sit upon rather than the rocks and his old rug which he sat on.

Seeing this completed he went outside and thanked the tree and lent against it. Feeling thirsty he drank from the cool stream water whereas he lent over saw many fish. Taking a few of his branches he dug a hole and made room for a fire and branches to smoke the fish.

Making a rod from the branches and vines for a line, he lent and asked the fish, would one of you sacrifice yourself for a meal and any further after that. He thanked them and gave thanks for the water also. No fish came.  There were many coming but not one could hold onto the line. So he thought about a way to catch the fish. Going into the field he found a can of tuna unopened. So he opened from both ends and took out the tuna but left some in the can. Tying it on the end of the vines, he placed it in the water. The fish went through the can and pushed out the left-overs of the tuna but got stuck but in doing so, their sacrifice gave other fish food and so the wise man got a fish to eat and also gave back as an appreciation for the sacrifice. So the fish came to him whenever he asked.

When there is a problem you already have the solution so don’t keep looking for it, anyway, I’m still working on how to make a decent living with a tip jar…the solution will come.



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