One day one of the villagers travelled outside to see the wise man to see if he could assist in any way, on arriving he found the wise man had a place up, much food, shade, and just sitting there quietly.
The villager asks if he may ask a thing or two. The wise-man turned to him and said, ‘you are seeking to know, what is life! the villager was caught off guard and sat with the wise man.

The wise man went into his hut and came back with 6 shellfish which were now empty and he placed them on the ground and told a story:
You see before you empty shells where once they contained a life. One day a small octopus was swimming when all of a sudden a large wave tossed him to and fro and over and over and over again.

As he awoke, he felt that the floor of the sea was very soft and noticed the heat of the sun. He had just been picked up by a person. Fearing for his life, he squirted his defensive weapon and the person threw him into the sea again but this time, the sea was more unwanting and took him where a cliff was and slammed him many times against the rocks. This time the octopus knew he was gone as his body was split and much of his body was unprotected. Swimming the best he could, he managed to find sanctuary in between rocks where he found some old shellfish shells left empty. He slowly moved his body and moved into one of these shells and so discarded his old flesh body for a shell.

There was something different about this one but he used it and so his old memory of the past became integrated into his new life in this new shell. So much harder than he was able to go to places where once he would be afraid to be attacked. So he lived in this shell and though remembered his old life of memories, he gain a new life with new memories. So now he had two memories to live. One day a shaking of the waters where a huge tsunami brought with it metal and rubbish and other creatures from the sea that were also trying to save themselves. Being caught in between and nowhere to go, he was picked up and this time, the ferocity of the waves and rubbish tore his shell and threw him against the cliffs where he laid open to the seagulls for food. Moving with what strength he had, he rolled off the shelf of the cliff and fell many meters down to the bottom were hitting the rocks, he was totally pushed out exposed.

Moving again into a larger shell as he had grown, he found protection whilst his body healed. So once again he found the shell brought memories of it’s last inhabitant and so, he now carries 3 memories.

He lived his life in this new shell until he started to push out. Feeling strong to go out on his own with his original body he went out swimming and now dove down into the depths where he met another dangerous enemy to his new life- a shark.
Swimming with all his might the shark caught up to him and tore some of his tentacles off and flung him but he managed to swim into the darkness where the shark couldn’t find him. Shaken to his core, he lived alone in the dark till his final days came.
A huge trawler with a net caught him up and brought him onto the trawler’s deck. The people seeing him took him and started to carve him up but the octopus with all his strength flung himself over the side and sank below. A wave caught him and took him back to the cliffs where he caught hold of a shell that would hold what was left of him and crept into where he lived out his life. Now he had 4 memories, but yet he didn’t die as there were memories from inside the shell. Memories of others doing the same.

We never die. We take with us and in many forms the memories of the past and so when we have thought of something that is not of that time, remember, it is a past memory. Don’t analyze it, see it as it is and you won’t lose sleep over trying to accommodate what is life when it will be your time to move onto a new shell and have a new memory.



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