Some have eyes to hear and others have ears that see in another word, the Intelligence of the Beings is that they choose to see what they want to see and listen to what they see even if it is in their knowledge, corrupt or doesn’t make reasonable sense, they know but they continue to be brainwashed by a falsity of knowledge. So why would one continue to know/hear and use their intellect to see/eyes?

One day a villager came to see the wise man to ask him a question. He started off with a reasonable conclusion to his problem and then he relayed it to the wise man. Seeing how the villager had already made the conclusion, the wise man asked, ‘why do you want the answer when you already have seen your problem and heard it with your ears how to solve it? Why do you seek the answers from me?

The villager said, ‘Because you are wise and know many answers to life and this is what I seek of you.

The wise man saw that the villager was wearing glasses. The wise man asked him to take them off and give them to him. The village did and in a surprise turn around the wise man sat them on the ground. Very curious as to what the wise man was doing, the villager asked him the question of why he laid his glasses on the ground.

The wise man got up and took his can to the stream and got water and came back and sat down. He did nothing but place it on the ground. He then got up and got some wood and still, he did nothing and placed them on the ground next to the can of water he scooped up from the stream. He then got up and went into his abode and came out with a bag that held something and still he did nothing and placed them on the ground.

The wise man got up and walked away. Being confused about his actions, the villager went after him. As he approached the wise man he began to ask the wise man, ‘ can I pick up my glasses now’? The wise man said, keep walking and so the villager kept walking and walking and walking. Being far from where they were sitting, the wise man and the villager came to the edge of the cliff and both sat down. For a while, they sat there in silence looking over into the land. The wise man turned to the villager and asked him what can he see? The villager then described what he was looking at. The wise man then asked him to describe in detail what he is looking at. The villager described everything right down to a small animal. They sat there for a few more minutes and started back neither saying a word.

Now they both sat down and the wise man placed the wood in the space and lit the fire and then he added the can with the water on top and when it finished boiling out of the bag he added special tea leaves for his brew.

Sunset was falling and the villager started to get up and go back to his village. He thank the wise man for his time and started to move on when the wise man called him out, ‘don’t you want your glasses?’, the villager replied, ¬†with open eyes, ‘ Now I See’.








You can reduce the reflection and the glare, lack of knowledge when you improve the contrast of your perception, opening your eyes, where you see the true colors that you are as intelligent and knowledgeable as me. Hereby the eyes you see, intelligence and faith-
That to see with the eyes is to understand the knowledge you have within.

Namaste to All Beings: to be continued in progress.


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