I was 3 years old and who are these people calling themselves my mother and dad? I have a broken and chained heart- I’m lost and afraid but no one is there who I knew.

when there is nothing left

A frightening experience for a 3-year-old. Then 18 months later, these people throw me away into the home with an excuse that I was of subnormal intelligence and here is where I stayed for 9 1/2 years as a blank person with no parents and no siblings. A rag to be used to wipe on and thrown away. All my life and even today, I am just something that people can use, abuse, ridicule, and taken advantage of. This heart will never give anymore and forever it shall be chained from any hurt and any abuse from anyone.

Standing at the Crossroads: If an alien offered for me to step from this planet and press the button to wipe out humanity, I would have no reservation to do so. We are an appalling race who only thinks they have the right to judge, they have the right to abuse, they have the right to discriminate, they have the right to kill, starve, destroy a race because they think they have the right. But that is my thoughts of what I see that has been done to me in a young mind but stepping into a mature mind, let’s see what you think in my journey.


Stepping to many years in the future:  I put my emotions in writing these poems. Click here to read them.


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