Are you so Talented that your trying to stop the noise to let this ability out. Well now you can.

 Do you like being alone, because I do! I can do more thinking than having all that chatter from others but I am always in the mode anyway. Night-time is when I am able to complete what I thought of that day or thinking about the next day or the next day, and sometimes early in the morning I am writing down my thoughts> I can sit in the field or in a crowd and not be here but over there. 

As an Example: You have an empty table and then you set it – you place a tablecloth on it, and then the plates and crockery, and then the food but no one is there and so you sit down to eat. The food seems to be more delightful and just a sense you can taste and recognize all the ingredients. This feeling is overwhelming but it’s more than just the environment, it’s out of this world.

Now we put it where you have done all the above but now you have beings around you- there you try to tune out of their chatter and you’re not being impolite or discourteous even if it is your family, but there is something missing, the food is just food and you just want to leave the table as quickly as possible, and so you eat up what is on that plate and get up and go. You take the plates to the sink and you start to wash but then you are alone and the mind is starting to kick in again about just being in another world.

Have you been in a crowd and there is so much noise but then a child screams and you turn around and see a parent yelling when all she needs to, is talk to the child and find out what it is or explain whatever is going on at that time. You only yell because you’re not listening to yourself and if you did, you would talk. Our mind chatters because we don’t want to listen to commonsense and see from another point of view- the child is asking but the only way the child can get attention, is scream, yell, play up, questioning but all these things happening is another way for you to stop and listen. Instead of yelling, you say thank you and tell yourself, that they didn’t want anything other than just interaction from their parents.

I was in a shop one day and what I saw gave me this inspiration to write this poem. I hope you like it. Thank you for your time today. Stay safe.

The Honest Soul.

Crowds of people all around me,

Pushing and jostling as if no one was there.

Suddenly a scream came out of nowhere,

But did anyone look around to see who it was?

The screaming stopped and the cries began,

But no-one stopped and no-one cares.

But then out of the midst a person shares,

A human trait to show I care.

Picking up the precious item and passing it to her,

A smile, a precious smile, saying, I do.

Thank you very much was the reply,

The crying stopped, but no-one asked why.

She no longer screamed or cried,

She just looked around again to say goodbye.

A smile she said to that honest soul,

As they waved at each other to say,

Thank You.

June 2010


Have you a poem that you just want to write- an expression of what you see from a different point of view: following me through and see if it illuminates a memory or inspires you to see an element of life in a way from out of this world.



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