POEMS by Warren Edser

     I wrote this poem after my mother and father found me and when they took me to their place, I opened a window and what was shining down was a Star. I       remembered and spoke these words,

Twinkle Twinkle little star how I wonder what you are

Up above the world so high

Like a Diamond in the sky.

but unfortunately, my free life was just about to hit the fan. So I traversed the rocky shores and the deep waters and so my first poem was about these challenges:

“Passing Thoughts”                   

Life has many turns,
Life has many shadows,
Day and Night bring sorrows,
Day and Night bring pleasures,
Whether we come or whether we go, it’s
a mystery we will never know.
Like the Great Mystery of open space of
many galaxies of long ending place,
A question answered and then another,
and still, there is no end in sight,
Whether there is or whether there’s not,
there’s still no light, for such is life,
But the greatest treasure is the challenges
we overcome Day and Night.


I had an amazing father who suffered in silence of what he had to endure. He took things and challenges as a Gift to be a better Being around everyone. He was honourable, selfishness, he had an amazing mind in the realm of mechanics and when someone brought him something they or someone else couldn’t fix, dad had already the solution in his mind and acted on it. People were amazed. He was Special and showed everyone compassion, understanding, but his youth and young adult years brought many challenges on him and many he failed but many times he was successful to learn the lessons within. He wouldn’t repeat them but the world kept on him and wouldn’t relent even till the day of him passing away. He brought me my first fishing rod where we would just go down to the ocean and sit there in silence. So when I grew up, I followed and found my fishing area and this is where I wrote another poem.

I sat down on the bank and looked over to this willow tree barely touching the waters and while listening to wind blow through its leaves I was so inspired again. I wrote this:

“Unknown Woman”.

Willow, willow, willow, why do you bow down
When others are standing proud.
Is it sorrow or do you thirst?
Why are your branches sweeping the stream so freely?
Why do you look to the ground so weepingly?
As I sit upon the bank I see your reflection in the stream,
Are you looking at yourself or watching me?
Who are you inside? How can I describe you? Now I see.
A mighty woman warrior covered in dust,
She bends down to drink and wash,
A gentle breeze blows through her magnificent hair,
Now dry flows freely everywhere.
How graceful you are, what can I say,
Graceful Willow forgive me I did not understand,
Your purpose is to bring Glory to the land.

To be continued:


The Wise Man